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It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Star Party 2009 | The
Largest IYA 2009 project of Sri Lanka concluded successfully, on the 26th
of September 2009.  The 12-hour event was attended by as many as 600
attendees together with the students.

We also featured the live streaming with and we had following
statistics for the full show.

First Start Time: 10:01am on Sep 24, 2009
Last End Time: 7:07pm on Sep 25, 2009
Total Broadcast Time: 12 hours, 56 minutes
Viewer Hours: 52 hours, 18 minutes
Unique Viewers: 88
Total Viewers: 225
Average Number of Viewers: 4

Although Sri Lanka is a small island we believe in the fact that we could
contribute to the general theme “The Universe, Yours to
Discover” with the
success of Star Party 2009, in terms of national contribution.
Here are the final results of Star Party 2009
Champions: De Mazenod College, Kandana
Runners-up: Sangamitta College, Galle

Special Awards

Award for Theoretical Round & Spot Test : Dharmaraja College, Kandy
Award for Solar & Observation Astronomy : Royal College, Colombo
Award for Constellation & Deep Sky Observation: Sangamitta College, Galle
Award for  Moon Mapping : De Mazenod College, Kandana
Award for Planetary Observation : De Mazenod College, Kandana

We would like to thank you for your support rendered in getting necessary
publicity over the internet and other appropriate sources.  If it had not
been your corporation we would probably not have received such an exposure
and a viewership like this. Thus the organizers for of the Star Party 2009
Anandian Astronomical Association, of Ananda College and Astronomical
Society of Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy would be obliged for all the
support granted.

Thanking You,

J D Prasanna Deshapriya
(International Co-ordination)
Star Party 2009 Team

Additional resources are available at:〈=en

Interschool Observation Competition & Workshop 2009 | Largest IYA 2009 Project of Sri Lanka by AAA & ASMGC

A grand celebration, phenomenal sidereal endeavor, 12-hour premium experience of all time….

Since the early footprints of civilization, astronomy proved to be the blueprint of all the sciences.
The prime etiquette of stargazing was the passion that our ancestry shared. Driven by the curiosity and evolving mind, our forefathers were path-finding through the unknown access towards the beauty of dark sky, which is considered a noble virtue today.

Thus all those things resulted in 2009 being named the international year of astronomy. A new era of astronomy is now surely in progress with the IYA 2009 coming into the effect with the approval of the global community as well. Therefore many countries have contributed to the IYA 2009 by numerous means with both collective and individual efforts. We are glad to step into the arena with Sri Lankan identity, featuring STAR PARTY 2009. In fact this Observation Competition will be the major focus of IYA 2009 endeavors of Sri Lanka. On the 25th of September 2009, STAR PARTY 2009 is scheduled to take place at the grounds of University of Peradeniya.

The elite passion of stargazing will continue on the very day from 6.00 pm onwards, lasting for almost 12 hours. Students from different parts of the island will have a scope on Observation Astronomy and will compete to be crowned as champions depending on how they utilize the talent they possess. Star Party 2009 will also be a resource center for the amateurs seeking the quencher for their taste on Astronomy. The workshop conducted in affiliation with the Observation Competition, will share the knowledge and will be delivered by accredited professionals.

Furthermore it’s worth referring to the Anandian Astronomical Association, of Ananda College and Astronomical Society of Mahamaya Girls’ College, Kandy for the commitment and innovativeness; they have taken up when it comes to organizing such a massive event. This will be the 6th occasion they organize Star Party, starting from initial appearance in 2004, where the latter was the primordial Observation Competition held in South Asia. Hence, there will be lot of cherished memories to recall, while marching towards the 6th successive milestone.

Be there, to eye-witness STAR PARTY 2009 The Rendezvous of Celestial Surveillance

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